7 Podcasts to Listen to While You Cook

podcasts to listen to

Since I have taken over most of the food prep for home, I find myself spending a lot of time in the kitchen. . Whether I am banging out dinner for the three of us, whipping up a feast for a party, or prepping a solo breakfast for myself, I love satisfaction of chopping and cutting, stirring and tasting to make a meal come together. While in the kitchen I usually try to catch up on podcasts and here are my favorites to enjoy while I cook.

  1. Local MouthfulLocal Mouthful is a podcast dedicated to thefood life in Philadelphia and beyond.Hosts Joy Manning and Marissa Mccleland are local Philly chefs and writers and their podcast is like listening to two friends chatting about kitchen tips, local stores and recipes. Raya and I have met Joy and Marissa through classes at the Free library Culinary Center and their soup class was the inspiration for my Fall and Winter “Souper Sundays.”
  2. Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street RadioChristopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio goes anywhere and everywhere to ask questions and get answers about cooking, food, culture, wine, farming, restaurants, literature, and the lives and cultures of the people who grow, produce, and create the food we eat. Listener questions, interviews with chefs and a peek at cuisines from around the world makes this podcast a favorite.
  3. Criminal: A Podcast. Criminal is a podcast about crime. Not so much the “if it bleeds, it leads,” kind of crime but something a little more complex. 

    Some of the stories on Criminal are just astonishing! The crimes committed range from the absurd to cold blooded murder and I am here for it!

  4. It’s Been a Minute with Sam SandersSometimes you just need to talk it out—and that’s exactly what host Sam Sanders does each week. Join him on Fridays for a recap of the week’s news, culture and everything – plus Tuesday deep dives with artists, writers, journalists and more. 

    I miss Sam on NPR’s Politics Podcast but love this new venture. Twice a week he’s chatting with friends, peers or a special guest about current events mixed with Pop Culture. His style is relaxed and fun, I feel like the news is not so harsh plus I am inspired to seek out more information about the stories covered and he always has good music that I can add to my playlist. 

  5. Pop Culture Happy Hour. Pop Culture Happy Hour is a fun and freewheeling chat about the latest movies, television, books, comics and music. 

    I loves me some Pop Culture and love this podcast for talking about some of my favorite things. The latest podcast featured all things Law & Order!!! It’s fun and offers a nice break from the heaviness that is often leading on the world news.

  6. The MothThe Moth’s mission is to promote the art and craft of storytelling and to honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience.

    As an wannabe amateur storyteller, I love listening to others share their stories. Some are hilarious, some make me tear up, and the stories are so satisfying. Full of hope, growth, wisdom!
  7. …These Are Their Stories: The Law and Order PodcastCrime Writers On… podcasters and true crime writing team Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie chat about Law & Order episodes w special guests. 

    A whole podcast dedicated to Law & Order!

podcasts to listen to

What’s in your ear while you cook? Are you grooving to tunes, glancing at a screen or listening to something else?





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