(Almost) Meatless Mondays

Plant based, not vegan.

So here’s the thing…as a kid I would decide that I was going to be a vegetarian. When this happened, this meant that meals for me were lots of bread, potatoes, *some* veggies and maybe fruit. Eggs, chicken and fish were debatable; sometimes I would eat them, sometimes I would not.

My vegetarianism would not last long; hunger and being tired of eating butter sandwiches would soon best my efforts and the next meal would find me ripping through whatever meat dish my mom was making for dinner.

Years later, with lots of education, I realize that vegetarianism is NOT just NOT eating meat. I mean, yes, vegetarianism IS about not eating meat but there is so much more to it! There are wonderful resources available with the tap of a few keys, scores of cookbooks and Philly has some amazing stores and education opportunities.

As I embrace middle age and learn to live with this new normal (kidney disease), the idea of eating differently comes into play. I still love meat but I can appreciate that a plant based diet is a wonderful way to enjoy food.


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