Meatless Monday: Charred Cauliflower #Choctoberfest2018

When I received a selection of chocolates from Forte Chocolates, I imagined my home would be straight out of a scene from the movie Chocolat. Their motto is “Celebrate Life Through Chocolate” and I thought for sure there would be dishes upon dishes of chocolate themed foods, a dinner party, perhaps even an affair with a guitar playing traveler (ahem). But here’s the thing…I am no Vianne and I had no idea how to make things other than sweets with chocolate. Luckily, two of my friends, Barbie and Kia, are amazing chefs and offered some input. They didn’t laugh at my Chocolat dreams and now I have a new go to recipe for my favorite veggie, cauliflower.

forte chocolates

Of the three bars I received, Chef Barbie suggested that the white chocolate and the milk chocolate would be too sweet to create a savory dish. She mentioned a squash dish that she had once created and the idea to pair the Gusto Fireweed Honey Bar with veggies was born. When I spoke with Kia, she agreed that a veggie would par well with the Fireweed Honey Bar but as a not squash eater, suggested I find another veggie to pair it with. I pulled out a few cookbooks, consulted The Google and found a recipe for Charred Cauliflower and Peppers with Picada Sauce from

I love roasted cauliflower and this recipe, while listed as a side dish, was dinner!

forte chocolates

A few modifications were made: I used long hot peppers instead of shishito peppers. I could not find the shishito peppers in our local produce market and were told this was a good substitute. The long hots were mild and had a heat but not the spicy burn of a jalapeno.

Less oil than the recipe called for was used. During testing of the recipe it seemed that so much oil left the food a little more soggy. Less oil was the secret for crisp bites. I also chopped the cauliflower and peppers into smaller pieces. It worked better for my family to not have huge chunks of veggies when eating!

Picada is a Catalan-style pesto, made here with almonds, parsley, and chocolate—a surprise ingredient that adds a pleasing touch of bitterness to this delicious side dish. We used dried parsley and substituted red wine vinegar for the sherry called for in the recipe and the result was a meal with a sweet tang that warmed your tongue.

If you’re looking for a surprise ingredient, I cannot speak enough of selection of chocolates we received from Forte. I am usually NOT a dark chocolate fan but this bar was not an unpleasant bitter. Sampling a piece there was a nice chocolate taste with a smooth honey finish. All of the bars we tried have delicious combos that make for a tasty experience.

Visit Forte Chocolates online and take advantage of their generous offer to get  one free bar when you buy three using the code CHOCTOBERFEST2018.forte chocolates

Enjoy this recipe and good luck on the drawing
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