October is Cookbook Month!

When choosing cookbooks I ask myself these three questions:

  1. *ARE* the recipes possible?
  2. *WILL* this be something that I can actually recreate?
  3. *HOW* will I use this cookbook?

Before cooking at home became the norm, I would flip through cookbooks and get inspired but also so frustrated. Browsing through the recipes would motivate me to want to try them bit putting them together was a whole other story. There would be some ingredient or technique that would flummox me and creating the dish left me feeling out of sorts. For sure I had my go to recipes but anything new…womp womp. 

A while back we got a subscription to a meal service plan and while some of the meals were combinations that I would have never imagined, there was something possible about the meals they sent. New techniques, step by step instructions and having all of the ingredients available made cooking a reality.

Collecting the recipes led me to borrowing cookbooks from friends and the library and then the hoarding, er, collecting begun. In growing my collection I have become a bit more discriminating about what I am going to add to the shelves. Some books I keep because they are fun to look at. Like What’s New, Cupcake?: Ingeniously Simple Designs for Every Occasion. In my heart I know I am NOT making Chinese Takeout Cupcakes but I enjoy looking at the photos and the techniques for the magic.

Fantasy Rachee imagines that in the time of “Some Day” she will cook a recipe from each book on the shelves but Real Life Rachee knows that someday is not a day. Instead, join me this month for a peek at the books on my shelves and the ones I borrow, my recipe dream list and indulge in some cookbook lust. 


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