Recharge with Fuel

Visiting Fuel restaurant, I was a tad skeptical. I grew up believing that a meal wasn’t a meal unless there was some type of meat included. How was a person supposed to feel satisfied on vegetables alone?

Fuel Hummus Toast
Hummus Toast

As I headed to the restaurant, I promised myself that I would stop at my favorite burger place to fill up after my tasting . All thoughts of having a burger began to disappear as I tested each course on our sampler menu. The food at Fuel is filling!


The entire menu is under $10. The items on the menu range from Millennial Favorite Avocado Toast (choice of toast topped with smashed avocados. Crushed red peppers, charred corn, feta, and fresh basil) to a Recharge Combo (served in house only) which consists of ½ panini, choice of soup, house salad. The portions are filling and under 500 calories, with calories are listed next to each item for those counting calories.



Self-Ordering Kiosks allows for a customer to place an order quickly. While all three locations have a kiosk for quick orders, the Center City location offers an opt-in facial recognition for customers to quickly order their favorites.

While waiting, customers can download Rockbot, an app that puts YOU in control of the music being played. During my meal, I was treated to Sheila E crooning about The Glamourous Life. I did feel glamourous enjoying the tasty food.

Patrons can also earn a free desert by checking in on social media.

Fuel offers delivery through GrubHub, Door Dash, and Uber Eats. Clean eating has never been so convenient to obtain.


Fuel offers fresh locally frown food through a partnership with Philly Urban Farms located at 11th and Dakota. In 2012 Fuel helped to build a greenhouse in North Philadelphia to teach neighborhood kids how to become sustainable. All ingredients served in the restaurant are from the farm. Soil to spoon at it’s finest!

Smoothie Fest

June is Smoothie Fest at Fuel. For a one time purchase $6.99, customers will receive a FREE Fuel cup and have $2.99 smoothies all month long. Fan favorite The Protein Buster is popular with the morning crowd. There is also the Green Machine, created by Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles. This blend of mango, pineapple juice, banana, honey, spinach, and kale is satisfying and healthy.

Stop by any of Fuel’s three locations to enjoy fast and fresh food from local sources.

You will not be disappointed.


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