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Renata's Cafe

The food photos on Instagram made me drool.


renata's kitchen




There was the breakfast sandwiches with the fluffiest looking eggs, adorned with melted cheese. A French Onion soup that was so visually pleasing that I was inspired to recreate the recipe for a Souper Sunday. Loaded plates filled with Shakshuka, brunch items, coffees topped with whipped creams. Then my cousin teased me with a picture of chicken and waffles and I was hooked.

The opportunity to visit Renata’s Kitchen came up when The Bee turned 18. For breakfast we decided to check out brunch at the restaurant and headed on out.

Renata's Cafe

I’ve had an opportunity to visit twice and both times have been satisfied.

On our first visit, there was a wait. Mid morning on a Satursay seemed to be a popular time for a yummy brunch. The staff took my cell phone number and informed me that I would receive a text when a table was ready. After a short wait (which seemed longer because hangry!) we were seated.

After studying the menu, we settled on the following dishes:
Chicken and Waffles for me, Shakshuka for The Librarian, Waffles for The Bee and The BOY (who is almost -yikes- THE MAN)


Food portions are plentiful and could possibly be shared. Everything was freshly prepared and the the food portions are generous.

The chicken and waffles were made with fried chicken breasts which weren’t too salty. The chicken was tender and juicy and seasoned well without being overwhelming. The waffles were soft without being soggy. This dish is served with a spicy dressing which I think would have been better warmed.

The Shakshuka was described as one of Renata’s Kitchens most popular dish. Here it is served with pita bread and topped with three eggs. We’ve made Shakshuka at home but not quite as spicy as what The Librarian had at the restaurant. He described it as very flavorful in the right proportions.

The pancakes ordered by The Bee and The Boy were fluffy and light but oh so filling.

It was a busy Saturday but we didn’t feel rushed as we enjoyed our meal. We were able to eat and chat and it was a relaxing experince.

The Librarians and I returned to Renata’s for a late lunch and were immediately seated once we arrived. We opted for a burger and mint iced tea for him and ABLT with a cold brew for me.

Again, the portions were plentiful!

Renata's Cafe
The burger was loaded; cooked and made to order. It was not a fancy burger but a solid, filling meal.

The ABLT, Avocado, bacon, lettuce and tomato is a double decker sandwich. Fresh ingredients and crisp bacon made this sandwich. Both dishes are served with fries. Honestly I can do without the fries. They were a a combination of soggy and overdone and a bit oily.

Our beverages drinks were reffreshing and satisfying. The coffee strong but not bitter. The mint in the tea balanced the bitterness of the tea.

Again, we were allowed to finish our meal without feeling rushed or hurried. The staff are friendly and helpful. Overall the whole vibe is chill. The food is delicious and this is a good spot to meetup with your crew for a meal.

If you go
Renata’s Kitchen is located at 4533 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

PHONE: (267) 275 8254

M-F 8a–4p
Sa-Su 8a–5p

On the street. There are no meters but the spots have a two hour limit.

Visit them online

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