Rice Cereal Treats with Sprinkle Pops

When my teen was younger she was always asking for Rice Krispie treats but the treats were always dairy filled and a no-no. Making our own treats would be our special time so that she would not be missing out but there would always be a mess of sticky marshmallows and clean up would seemingly take days.

I think I have mastered the art of the Rice Krispie treats and am excited to share! The secret ingredients were patience and Sprinkle Pops!

Usually when we would whip up a batch of marshmallow treats, we would keep the fire too high, burning the butter and marshmallows. With this batch we kept the heat low and slowly stirred the melted marshmallows until they were soft. Slowly, slowly we poured the cereal, stirring and adding cereal until just mixed. Last we added the sprinkles for a fun surprise!

The result? A happy teen who can snack with her friends.

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