What’s the Rub? Lemon Pepper Seasoning

I am late to the Lemon Pepper craze. I’ve heard tell of it but it was not until Raya took me to America’s Best Wings in Upper Darby that I tried Lemon Pepper anything.

Wow! It was like a party in my mouth and everyone was invited! The wings were yummy; tangy and tart but so salty. It was bad enough that I was indulging with fried food but the extra salt was too intense. I may have visited one more time to confirm the deliciousness I had experienced but then decided that I need not gamble with my kidney and figure a way to make my own spice.

After looking through some recipes online, I went with one I found on the blog Simple Scratch. It literally cals for THREE ingredients and seemed simple enough.

Zesting the lemons
Laurie recommends zesting 5-7 lemons. I used six. We don’t have a zester so I used the grater we have to zest the lemons. It took a good 15 minutes or so the complete this part.

Since this recipe calls for zesting so many lemons, it made sense to use the grater for such a bulk number of lemons. I may invest in a zester for one of type of things but for now, I will make the grater work.

The “naked” lemons that are left over are going to used for lemon water and the skins upcycled and repurposed for starting some seedlings.

What's the Rub: Lemon Pepper

Laurie’s recipe calls for ⅓ cup of a pepper and peppercorn blend. We have peppercorn in a grinder and I spent about 20 minutes grinding the peppercorn we have. I should have just left it whole. As we do not have a spice grinder, I thought this would allow me to get around the no grinder issue.

I got an arm workout grinding that pepper! I don’t think I made it to ⅓ cup because I started getting tired. (Since I now know that my coffee grinder can be used as a spice grinder, next time I create this mixture I am gong to go for it with more pepper.) After preheating the oven, I popped the mixture into the oven on our lowest temp setting (170 degrees fahrenheit) and waited.

At this point, I consulted the powerful hive mind of social media to ask about grinder alternatives and was surprised to learn that I can use my coffee grinder as a spice grinder. J recommended that I grind a couple of spoonfuls of oats before and after, so flavors don’t mix. And yes, J…it DOES totally works!


What's the Rub: Lemon Pepper


While baking the house was filled with a tantalizing, lemony scent which prompted The Librarian to suggest that I make spice mixtures weekly. After an hour and a half, the mixture was ready to come out of the oven.

Laurie’s recipe calls for a ¼ cup of kosher salt. SInce I am trying to cut back my salt intake I opted to use just a pinch of Kosher salt. I added the three ingredients to the coffee grinder and got my grind on. In spurts of 2-3 seconds I grinded the mixture. I didn’t want the mixture to be like dust and after six rounds of 3 second grinding bursts, I got the consistency I wanted.

What's the Rub: Lemon Pepper


My takeaways

  1. Invest in a zester. I read somewhere that one should get kitchen tools that are solo uses but a zester is definitely a must. Using the cheese grater as a zester was not easy on my knuckles.
  2. MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE. Because I did not have the tools I needed for the job at hand I tried to take shortcuts. It came out in the final flavor.

I suppose I could buy a lemon pepper seasoning but it was cool to make my own.

Tell me…do you make your own rubs? What should I try next?

Bon appetit!

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