June is the Gateway to Summer

Summer has always been a source of stress. Instead of embracing the end of the school year, and what should be relaxed schedules, worry about what summer would bring would invade my thoughts. There was the mad dash for summer care. When she was younger, The Bee needed someone to look after her while I worked and the morning rush continued. For Raya, there were similar struggles – although hers was doubled. Two children of different ages meant rushing in two different directions all before her day started.

Work was also a source of stress. Navigating new roles in our respective jobs came with a steep learning curve. It was an intense time, with rewards that were yet to be. As our children grew older and we mastered our jobs a bit, the stress which should have decreased had become the norm. It has taken some time to unlearn idea that Summer is bad and finally Summer can be embraced! Mornings are to be savored with a cuppa and a book, overlooking a blooming garden while easing into the day. Evenings and weekends are time to spend with family, exploring the city, creating memories and moments.

This month on the blog Raya and I are keeping the stressed filled days stress free and creating new traditions and memories.

June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month and we are dedicating time to our gardens as we grow fresh fruits, veggies and herbs. We can’t wait to share our fruit and veggie hauls from the local Farmer’s Markets, the Italian Market on 9th Street in Philadelphia, and other market runs.

We are excited about The Bee’s upcoming graduation from high school and plan to celebrate the event with a party! We’ve been scouring our cookbooks for inspiration to design the perfect menu to go along with the day.

The Philadelphia area is bursting with activities! From the Waterfront to the parks, there are festivals and fairs, markets and events and we are excited to get out and about and see what the happenings are.

And of course, we will continue to share stories from the kitchen and bites at the table. So grab plate and pull up a seat!

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