National Sandwich Month

When asked what they consider a sandwich, the family unanimously agreed that a sandwich was anything between two slices of bread.

Is a hotdog a sandwich? The Boy said it was not because the bread was connected. I countered that hoagies have connected bread. He insisted that hoagies have the same ingredients as a traditional sandwich so they make the cut.

The Daughter, having spent time spending days assembling them, said that while tacos fit the definition, are not sandwiches because there is no bread.

The Mister thinks anything he can carry in one hand fits the definition of sandwich.

For me, a sandwich is a lunch meal. Something to stymie the hunger between breakfast and dinner, a light fare to keep my energy going while I finish my work day. A small portable meal.


  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Ice Cream sandwiches
  • Cake sandwiches

Touted as the Britain’s “biggest contribution to gastronomy” the sandwich is attributed to John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. A gambler known to skip meals during marathon poker sessions, Montagu reportedly asked his servants to provide him with meat between two pieces of bread. Other gamblers would request “a sandwich” as well.

August is National Sandwich Month and Rachee and I plan to spend this month talking all things sandwich. Join us as we figure out what is a sandwich.




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